“Shiba Girl Squad” set to take NFT market by storm with charitable digital offerings

The “Shiba Girl Squad” collection was released on OpenSea in November 2021.

The latest crypto project to join the NFT ranks among the most unique (and charitable) digital collectibles is Shiba Girlfriend ($SHIBGF).

Shiba Girl Squad,” which was minted at the end of November 2021, is a charitable NFT collection published by SHIBGF that aims to help promote and support women in technical-related fields, while helping close the gender gap that exists across STEM (science, technology, engineering, & math) studies and careers by donating proceeds to the cause. There are only 100 of these digital assets available in the initial collection, which are available on OpenSea.

The cryptocurrency $SHIBGF was launched on October 30, 2021, and the project has already made enormous strides within the crypto community and with organizations opting for real-world change. Among these are a partnership with GirlsWhoCode — a well-respected and established organization in the realm of gender-equality initiatives for STEM students and workers. SHIBGF secured a $25,000 investment into GirlsWhoCode in order to facilitate the efforts to drive change for these causes, which also receives support from companies like Nike, American Express, AT&T, Apple, and many more. In addition to partnerships, SHIBGF also donated $5,000 to the Mona Foundation on just the 9th day following the project launch, which only strengthened the legitimacy of their team and project that is looking to put its money where its mouth is.

“This is just the beginning,” says the lead developer Gem, who has seen first-hand how many issues still impact the advancement of women and non-binary people in this space.

“As a male developer, I’ve been in situations in which a female was not hired simply because the team was all-male, and the assumption was made by management that this person might feel uncomfortable if brought into the team or environment,” he continues. “These are completely the wrong assumptions, and it further pushes the narrative that these positions are not as suited for women, and it’s a notion that should be eradicated.”

While many women are in fact successful in the STEM world, the numbers tell a different story. In the mid-1990s, around 37% of Computer Science students and workers were female. That number has dropped to around 24% in 2021, and is projected even lower for 2022.

“We want our message to be that the tech industry is where everyone can find a home,” Gem says. “By producing these NFTs and getting the crypto community involved, we are going to be donating 80% of all funds directly to these causes and organizations that we select, and the other 20% will be used to buy back our $SHIBGF token on the market place and then burn them, which will create incentive for our investors to continue supporting these causes by initiating a scale of rarity for the token.”

And SHIBGF has no plans to slow down. The first 30 days have been an absolute whirlwind of success, according to the team and community, and the amount of impact in such a short time is just a precursor to the coming waves of change.

“Our ecosystem will continue to evolve,” teases Gem, “and we’re already looking at ways to contribute engineering time to developing decentralized apps for female entrepreneurs in the space.”

As of the time of this writing, $SHIBGF has an estimated market cap of $7 million, and has around an 80% increase in value over the previous 48 hours. The NFTs are only available on OpenSea, and the token is available on both the XT.com exchange and on Uniswap.




The Official Token of SHIBGF

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The Official Token of SHIBGF

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